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Written in Red - Anne Bishop

It's my first book from Anne Bishop and I must say that I love the world she creates with this tale of human controlled/hunted by the Others (vampires and shifters). 

The Others have custody and possession of the lands, allowing the human to settle and live while they consider them more like clever monkeys. It is refreshing to have a story where humans live in fear of the Others and are not in control. The Others would sooner eat them than trade with them. This creates an interesting dynamic governing the exchange between races.

The main human character, Meg Corvin, is a cassandra sangre or a blood prophet. Prophesies are generated when the skin is cut. Meg fled her Controller where she was kept imprisoned in the only place where the human law does not apply: Lakeside Courtyard, business district operated by the Others. She finally gets a job as a human liaison from Simon Wolfgard, a shifter.

One of the many charms of the story is the way Meg interact and relate to the Others. She was razed in a closed environment so when she escaped she had no frame of reference for the outside world. She didn't know how to cook, how to dress, how to drive. She could identify many objects but have no clue as to their use because she was only shown pictures...knowledge of the world just enough to identify things in a prophecy but not how to survive alone in the world.

Meg did not know how to behave with Others or humans and made her way as much as she could figure it out....and the Others were puzzled because she was not acting like a typical human as much as they could guess (they prefer to eat them, not converse with them) nor was she acting like an Other. It led to some pretty endearing moments.

Another aspect that I liked was that Simon and Meg did not instantly like each other, this love at first sight that is sometimes overused. They got to know each other slowly and by the end of the book you might say that there is the beginning of a romance.

The only downside to the story was that the 'villain' was quite vain and petty....but the inevitable end was satisfying.

Is it March 2014 yet?