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Tempt the Stars - Karen Chance

The heroine Cassie has always played catch up a bit in this series but now that she was deprived of her two main supporters...she really grew, made proactive decisions as best she could and I was proud of her considering that she is not a fighting amazon and mounting a rescue mission like she did with her motley crew (on a side note, I still don't like Casanova but I feel sorry for him a bit).

It's also one of the series that can pull off a love triangle and still make it work. I'm team Pritkin all the way but with the Dorina series I learn to be fond of Mircea also.






- Cassie shifting in her sleep to see Pritkin again, is it not love?
- The ending! I was bawling my eyes out when I read that! 
- Are we going to have the witches finally teach Cassie to do magic...it's about time!