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Ember's kiss...not catching fire for me.

Ember's Kiss - Deborah Cooke

Since it's the 8th book of the series, it's impossible for me to write a review without spoilers so, be advised.

The Dragonfire series has seen many couples formed of shape-shifting dragon warriors (the Pyr) charged with protecting the earth and humankind. If the dragon is very lucky he will find his destined mate during a firestorm. The dragons that go against this ideal turn to selfish and destructive goal and are called Slayers.

Here we have Brandon Merrick, professional surfer trying to divorce himself from his dragon nature. He is young and stupid to realize that his quest has less chances of success than winning the lottery or a leopard changing his spots. His destined mate is Liz Barrett, marine biologist fleeing from her past.

Brandon has convinced himself that his dragon half is evil since her mother threw him out and his father was never a permanent fixture in his life. He wants to become wholly human and befriend Chen, an evil and ancient Chinese Slayer, who has great plans for him in the form of a very dead Pyr.

Liz Barrett has a lot of issues as well since she is a Firedaughter in denial caused by a traumatic childhood incident. I did not particularly liked the witchcraft/wicca introduction in the series because it emphasized how little the Pyr, as a magical species, had forgotten over the centuries about magic. It kind of cheapen the world-building of the 7 previous books. So, Firedaughter have an affinity to fire given by the hawaiian Goddess Pele. 

The premise looks interesting and the story was good but not great. Whenever there are two main characters in their late 20's in complete denial of their fundamental nature, the easy option is to regress ones actions to the level of a teenager. Brandon, with his surfer playboy persona could maybe be excuses but Liz with a university degree took the cake. The good thing is that Liz did not scream and run for the hills when she figured out what Brandon was, being herself not stickily human. 

The saving grace was that the previous characters like Erik, Sloane, Quinn and their children played a large part in the story that balanced and helped the story move along. 

I'll continue reading the series because I can rarely give one up but it has become a bit formulaic and could use some more darkfire.