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This book seems to divide into either you like or you hate type. Personally I found equally good and bad things in it, hence the 3.5 stars rating. Might be a bit spoiler-ish, sorry.
I have been awaiting Chase’s story for a long time and was really curious who would be paired with a borderline Bloodlust Breed. Chase being not all there because of his addiction has a hard time connecting with Tavia. Tavia, having been deceived before finds it difficult to trust naturally. It’s got all the classic hallmark of paranormal romance in it and I always find funny that people rant about it not being imaginative enough. Sure the build up is slow and when it ignite the "love" seems a bit rushed (don’t have 3-4 books to go back and forth on the subject). Since I do not have a grand way with words, I’ll just point out the good and the bad. Gasp, the best about this series is the world-building and the story.

The Good

Dragos is a very imaginative villain. The length of experimentation he is willing to go to further his goal...you have to give it to him. Decades of hard work and planning, from multiple breeding programs (as in more than the Gen One assassins), the corruption of the Agency and a plague of Minions. He is despicable yet manage to make a joke at Tavia for not being willing to fall for the classic villain master plan speech. Got to love a evil character to making fun of the obvious pitfall.
We finally have an inkling on why the Ancient where such a pain in the butt and where the Breedmate birthmark comes from. (Normally in pnr it’s never explained and just is which makes no sense but widely accepted as fact) .
All the previous characters have their minute of glory in the book. I always like to know what happens after that HEA.
There is enough action and fights in the book to balance the sex scenes. The author succeeded in bringing back the first reason for the creation of the Order in an apocalyptic sort of way. When Chase discussed this topic with Tavia I was like....would it not be niiice to have that bombshell happen...and it did! Must be all that 2012 end of the world talk.

The Bad

How do you get back to previous characters if not with their special gifts? With talks of the future and that includes in any good relationship the continuation of the species hence the baby talk. Once was enough to serve the storyline but there was more than one couple in the book.
The big, bad Boss fight was anti-climatic. The evil mastermind died too quickly.
The epilogue was a bit rushed to tie all the loose ends lying around. I think a spin-off book is needed to address all those issues rather than a 5-8 pages.
The humans are complete idiots, only capable of dying. When the apocalypse hits, at least the author should have sprinkled a few good men in there. Why are they worth saving if they have no redeeming qualities aside from a food source?

All in all, it was a great series if it is the end.