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The Battle Sylph - L.J. McDonald This story is set in a medieval world where people acquire energy-beings called sylphs to serve them. The sylphs help the everyday lives of the people. They are mostly elemental as fire, air, water and earth but a few sylphs are battle sylphs and even rarer healer sylphs. The battle sylphs are lured from a separate dimension by female human sacrifice and subsequently enslaved by men.

The main characters in this story are Solie and her battle sylph Heyyou. The sylph function as a hive mentality: one queen for each hive. The battle sylphs are then tricked into Solie’s world by the apparent abundance of ‘’queens’’, bound by men to serve and passed down from generation to generation of men. The story explore what happens when one girl does not lay down on the sacrificial altar and die as planned.

Solie and her battle sylph named Heyou are playful, innocent, witty and engaging. Their relationship grows as well as the lust for each other. The story bounces from character to characters, making the telling richer for the different POV of life in the kingdom. It could have been done slightly better but since it is a first novel I find the offering adequate.

A good summer reading, action and some romance.