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The Remains of the Dead - Wendy Roberts This book has been sitting on my TBR pile for a while. I was recommended to me for slightly different ghost story. As a new author (to me), I had no expectations and was I on for a treat.

We first meet Sadie Novak, former teacher, now in the grizzly business of cleaning crime scenes. Normally in mystery stories, you have the detectives at the scenes and they solve the crimes and that's it. I never considered what happens to the scene when the body's gone. Who cleans the apartment or house where the murder or suicide happened? The family? What a gruesome though! It is where Sadie Novak comes in, armed with disposable clothing, gloves, masks, and chemicals in her handy truck to removes the evidence of a gory death from your home. Her trusty sidekick is the man whore with awesome butt Zack, ex-cop with a bruised ego but good heart. The main characters are very complex, they grow on you too. The graphic depiction of the cleaning process is an interesting touch seldom seen.

In addition to her crazy cleaning skillz, Sadie has developed the gift of speaking to lately departed ghosts. She has taken unto herself to help those ghost resolve their last dilemmas so that they can move on. In a sense it is her own therapy for an event that happened 5 years ago in her life.

The mystery revolves around an apparent murder-suicide that Sadie is contracted to clean. Many events leads Sadie to doubt this conclusion but little evidence to prove it. Some of the clues could have been presented with more finesse but still red herding were readily provided. It gave the chance to add some colorful characters that I hope to see more of in the next books.

All in all, a decent mystery, easy and pleasant read worth checking out.