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A Blood Seduction - Pamela Palmer Rating: ★★★★☆

I'm not big on reviews or put arguments in an orderly fashion so I'll just put some impressions.

First off I am familiar with another of Palmer's series (Feral Warriors) which I like for it's reliable PNR plot. The world building is not phenomenal but I still like to read it. Being familiar with her writing I was unprepared when I picked A Blood Seduction.

A year ago I did not read much UF, mainly PNR stuff. It helped that I read one or two dark fantasy in the previous months. This book is a pretty complete departure from her previous series, which is a good thing in itself for an author to reinvent herself. It is the kind of book you will love or hate with a passion and won't finish. I liked it!

Are you tired of all those sparkly nice vampire. Do you crave the 'old school' vampire? Well, in this book the vampire are depicted as sadistic creatures that thrive on human pain, fear and blood. Humans are on the very bottom of the food chain in V.C. It's an incredibly dark, violent and brutal world Pamela Palmer has created. Since V.C is vampire playground, some acts performed by them are cringe worthy.

The heroine Quinn is loyal, brave and dedicated to rescue her brother Zack. Those traits made her a truly great character with interesting budding powers.

The most interesting or damning aspect of the book is the 'unconventional' hero. Arturo, Quinn's master, savior and seducer is one of the reasons Quinn can't escape. He may be pictured as a 'good' vampire but he revel in his nature so to call him that might be exaggerated. Humans and vampire are different species therefore morality is a point of view.

There is tension and action packed if you can get past the violent scenes, you may find it different and refreshing from what's out there. You get sucked in and want for Quinn and her brother to escape at all cost...the ending is a punch in the gut.

I guess what I am trying to say is that this book is ballsy. Yes there is seduction and tender moments but there is also unapologetic violence and depravity that are not hinted at but in your face. Yes you have vampires that are not at ease with their nature and face moral dilemmas but they are in the minority.

Palmer injected some nice Washington, D.C. history facts into the story. It was pretty interesting to know.

It is a dark and dangerous world to be human in it. Parallel universe, magic and vampire politics makes it a nice package. You just have to read this book for the right reasons.

Hope you are not put off by my clumsy rendering 'cause this book is really worth your time and money.