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Shadow Bound - Rachel Vincent Shadow bound is the second book of the series, we find Kori 6 weeks after the end of the 1st book. Kori did take the fall for the breach in security and has been consistently and severely imprisoned,starved, tortured, violated in so many ways it's a question if she could be sane again. I cannot imagine anyone surviving all this and being expected to perform any duty. Luckily for Kori, she has 2 weeks to whip into shape resembling a human being and play recruiter for the Tower syndicate. Her objective, convincing Ian Holt who is a powerful Blinder to sign away his soul into Jake Tower's service.

Naturally Kori being a former member of the security detail of the mob boss and family, her interpersonal skills for making friends and influencing peoples are sorely lacking. Kori knows this task she is given is set to fail miserably but in this world, if you are oath bound and the boss tells you to do something...you well damn do it or suffer resistance pain until your internal organs shut down and let you die in horrible agony...same goes for conflicting orders. I just wish that that order/structure/oath be detailed a little bit more to see how much leeway every individual's free will is restrained but it was not done to my satisfaction (ok some small loopholes were exploited to advance the plot).

Here we have Kori, a damaged person forced to perform in less than ideal circonstances. This character is multi-layered, strong of character in a very weak body (after cooler her heels in the basement cell for so long). She prefers beer, strong liquor and hamburgers to fine dining and wines. This cussing, no filter character is a perfect counterpart with Ian. While Ian may have a conscience, his motives for wanting to be recruited by Tower are less than truthful. From distrust grows understanding and admiration...the hallmark of a good PNR. Kori, for all her orders and restrictions, manages to communicate to Ian how much it would be a mistake to sign with any syndicate.

Anything else would go into spoiler territory, I am at an impasse so I'm going to bitch a little bit. Kori has been starved for many weeks, she is rail thin at this point. How can you expect to have retain any muscle mass or even fat for that matter. She has been out of the gym but still manage to kick ass like a pro, drink and swear like a sailor while being beautiful enough to attempt a seduction. Hell, she is not a supernatural being and did not get medical attention for any of her knife or shot wound and still manage to save the day....suspend disbelief since it's fiction.

About three-quarters of the book was used for character development and world-building, the problem that arise is that the build-up was a bit too prolonged (meaning lots of touring and talking) while little is accomplished toward the goal of both character's 'conflicting' mission.

Another sticky point is the relationship of Kori with her sister Kenley. I could not understand the logic of threatening Kenley to keep Kori in line (Kenley being the Binder for the syndicate, the linchpin of all Jake's power). The ending came together fast but seamlessly, the downside is that you could see the punch line a mile away.