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Fury's Kiss - Karen Chance Even with a longer page count the story did not drag while not featuring the frantic drama of her Cassie Palmer series. The story picks up with the ongoing war with the Black Circle and the challenges to fill the empty seats on the North American Senate. Mircea has managed to employ Dory with the Vampire Senate task force on the smuggling of magical items and weaponry out of Faerie. Obviously nothing is as it seems and a few wrench es are thrown in everybody's perfect plans. Ray turned from only a comic relief to an important character that pulls his own weight in the fights.

Louis Cesare's character has undergone some changes that I was not really happy with but he is as ever determined to win Dory's heart even if she does not want to give it away. It creates lots of tender moments that I treasure.

As if there were not enough drama, we get treated to many more glimpses into Mircea's struggle with having a father-daughter relationship with Dory. In many respect, a lot of loose ends are tied up to explain their current problems and it is a delight to wonder where those revelations will take the story to.