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Outpost  - Ann Aguirre Ann Aguirre has a way of writing that grips me and doesn't let go. The story is constructed in a such a way that this scenario is almost believable.

Outpost follows on the events from Enclave and now Deuce, Stalker, Fade and Tegan have found a human settlement to rest from "freaks" attacks. The society functions on a fundamentalist doctrine after bio-plagues. The author really tried to stay true to what you would expect to survive in a post-apocalyptic setting with research on how long canned goods last and such.

I especially liked that all the main protagonists, while out of their element were not reduced to complete followers and incompetent fool just trying to flee and survive. Deuce, while admitting to herself that her view of life was flawed, she tries to integrate into this new society while remaining true to herself.