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Rogue's Pawn - Jeffe Kennedy I was very surprised that I actually liked this book. I loved the witty remarks that Gwen made while she tried to mesh concepts of her own reality with her adventures. I especially loved how Gwen fumbled about her actions because the 'rules' were not clear.

I don't know much about fae lore but it was central to the world building of this story...problem is that it was not explained to the reader nor the heroine. It made for interesting reading because you assume things to go a certain way. It was fun to guess what a Lord would want or how it is expected to behave....and have a different answer than the one you expect. I don't particularly like 'disciplining' of any characters and there was some of that in this book. It made me hate Rogue along with Gwen for a while even if I could see it had a purpose.

I think that I liked to hate the 'hero', which made the story more interesting in the end. The end or resolution could have been spread out into two more chapters to make the transition smoother. There are a lot of hints to other well known fairy tales in this story, you may like this one.