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Stray - Rachel Vincent It wasn't a great book to say the least. Faythe was a very difficult character to like because she was rather immature for a mid-twenty person...it's as if she waited until 18 to get her teen rebellion going and has not gotten past that stage yet. Couple that with running from her problems instead of fighting the shifter system.
The shifters society is still living under the radar so some elements and rules of the shifter society was different a bit from other novels in the genre.
The story only got interesting halfway through the book, for a 600 pages book it's a long time to persevere on my part.

It is understandable that tabbies being in short supply, arranged marriages or matches are to be expected...and many werecats to stay single for life. This problems leads Faythe to be captured, brutalized and a buyer waiting for the delivery of his ordered kitty cat. It is unfortunate to say that's when the book started being interesting because Faythe spent less time being annoying and be proactive about her life. There was quite a bit of gory scenes but they did not bother me.

It is very hard to make love triangles work but this one is not on a good start. Or should I say love rectangle? Faythe left her current boyfriend like he was a used tissue but still calls him, a old friends that she clearly takes advantages of his feelings for her and the old boyfriend turned rampaging wounded party when he smells something not to his taste.

I always try to read the second book before giving up a series but it will take some time before I even try on book two.