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Wanderlust - Ann Aguirre The events of Wanderlust picks up right after Grimspace. After the collapse of Farwan there is bound to be a period of unrest. Jax has the dubious honor of becoming an ambassador to visit the Ithiss-Tor and build diplomatic relations with the Conglomerate.

Jax, as a character did grow in this book to become more caring and less selfish. This transformation takes place over the book but is a good start from an uncaring, suicidal jumper.

The downside of a first person narrative bothered me a bit because some important actions of battles would take place but since Jax was not there...it was passed as unimportant. It is a bit strange because those events involves March therefore the romantic angle in the story. It would have been real anticlimactic to have March die or hurt horribly while Jax was somewhere else.