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Black Lament - Christina Henry This installment is action-packed with Maddy picking fights with bigger and bigger adversaries. While I like seeing Maddy struggles with her life I have a real problem is that she ignoring politics, politeness, and any form of good judgement to just go hack her enemies to death...the fact that those are general fallen angels and beings millennia old (and armies) is hard to believe that they could be bested by a twenty something half-human.

Basically you have a heroine with major anger management issues and no regards for her friends that she drags into every conflicts. How does she sleep at night? Killing is too exhausting I guess. Let's not forget all the holes in the plot big enough to navigate a ship through.

Nevertheless it's still quick and fun to read...and yes I'll read the next one because I want to see how low Nathaniel will have to prostrate himself.