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Affliction - Laurell K. Hamilton The story started on a very good note: Anita get's a call from Micah's mother informing her that his father is dying of an unusual preternatural infection. Since the attack came from a zombie and it's Anita stock and trade....it really looked like something I would love to read.

Since there is travelling involved, it's the perfect time to perform the info dump and discuss in details all the intricacies of Anita's relationships with everyone in her life. This plot device has it's use but after 22 books it paints Anita as being dumb about supernatural politics, slow to analyze people's feelings and downright whiny. Fortunately after the 1/3 book, every feathers are back into place and all the lengthy discussions have taken place while Micah's father is dying in a few hours but certain conversations cannot be rushed...

Once this unpleasant business is done the rest of the book is mainly centered on the action. Anita is in her element and is actually hunting the killers. Edward enters the scene and it's great fun when he's around....especially when he get's to use his flamethrower (Edward is many things but only a friend to Anita so don't get ideas).

As Edward so aptly put it: "You have a zombie apocalypse and you don’t invite me." ...so that Anita can respond: "I didn’t know it was a zombie apocalypse until we were in it, and for the love of God do not say the phrase zombie apocalypse where the media can get hold of it."

I liked the take on the flesh eating zombies and the fact that the story is Asher-free for once.

It is one of the better books since the series took a left with the ardeur, while it's still present it does not dominate the story. It's a nice change.